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Coco Waste Processing Hub

About the Coco-Waste Processing Hub

The opportunities presented within the coconut waste value chain remain untapped as compared to the developed world. The challenges of indiscriminate disposal of coconut waste and lack of recycling companies if addressed can be turned into huge business opportunities. The findings of a baseline survey carried out under the Coconut Waste Project revealed that 34 tonnes of coconut husk are generated by coconut vendors within the municipality daily. The opportunities presented within the coconut waste value chain are enormous, this has necessitated the formation of the coco-waste processing hub. This is a social enterprise that seeks to create a circular economy with a specific focus on coconut waste.  The factory will be primarily involved in the processing of coconut waste into value-added products such as coco peat, coir fibers, and, coconut shells. As a recycling company, we seek to contribute to a circular economy with the overall goal of manufacturing coconut value-added products to serve the local and international markets


Our Mission

We aspire to be the leading establishment in processing quality coconut waste value-added products in Africa.

Our Vision

To contribute to an eco-friendly environment and local development in Africa.

Core Values


The Coco-Waste Processing Hub will be providing adequate and quality products consistently without failure.


The Coco-Waste Processing Hub will be operating in accordance with a strong set of morals, values and good ethics.


The Coco-Waste Processing Hub will be operated by a responsible and well-oriented team that possesses great expertise and strong interpersonal skills.


Carbonated Coconut Shells

Value-added coconut shells serve as biofuels for energy, the shells are mostly used in factories for food processing machines; the shells are less expensive to petrol/diesel and can be easily accessed, unlike the traditional palm kernel shells.

Coir Fibre

Coir is a fibrous material found between the hard, internal shell and the outer coat of a coconut. This is a natural fibre extracted from the outer husk of coconut. The coir fibre could be further processed into floor mats, doormats, scrubbing brushes and mattresses


Cocopeat is a natural fibre made out of coconut husks. The abstraction of fibre from coconut husks produces the by product called coco-peat. Cocopeat has a high amount of nutrients which can be directly incorporated into soil to improve water retention, aeration and decrease the risk of the soil fungus and root diseases